Other projects

NeighBro app - application which will be available in Apple store and Android market around January 2017. This application will connect your home, device, neighbors, opinion and payments in one place. For Vadabait features: no need run across house to gather payments, easy way to publish and discuss about works done, earn % from advertisement, global experience exchange. Housemates features: easy pay online with vadabait app, access to full reports, way to communicate with neighborhoods, analysis of other houses payments. Country economics features : one small step from black to white market.


Online shop which provide access to internal Israeli cosmetic market for person living outside Israel. Main market is CIS country. Israeli Cosmetics have a direct contracts and partnership with  most popular "green" brands across Israel like Herbs of KEDEM, Lavido, Omer HaGalil, Moraz, SeboCalm, Doctor OR, Clineral, Kamilotract, Kamedis, Tapuach.

http://www.israelicosmetics.net/ - for Russian speakers market

http://en.israelicosmetics.net/ - for English speakers market

Online shop for new, refurbished, used Lenovo ThinkPad laptops.

Deep customization, including HDD/SSD, RAM size, Operation system(Windows/Linux), Additional Software installation, deploy images for corporate clients, personal care and excellent support. We are the partner of KonSerOGH that allows us to offer the best price on the market for Lenovo ThinkPad


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